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Lightweight ‘Sporty Avalanche’ Pet Coat



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Concealed hood ‘Pops Out’ of the collar.

Lightweight dual sided polyester fabric that also features 3M Thinsulate Thermal Heat Retention Technology as an inner shell specially inserted between the fabric.

Adjustable at the tail-end. Features a leash slit holder above the neck area.

Belly Velcro Closures for easy on off access.


Brand: Pet Life

Product Details

The Pet Life Sporty Avalanche dog coat is composed of 100% lightweight and windproof high-grade inner and outer polyester fabrics leaving you with less bulk and additional warmth. Additionally this Dog Coat contains Thinsulate Thermal Heat Retention Technology as light inner shell specially inserted between the Fabrics for further added warmth. This pet coat features an attached concealed hood that actually ‘Pops Out’ of the collar. This dog jacket also features adjustable straps along the backside and can be worn during or after your dogs growth stages for additional longevity usage. This pet coat also features Belly Velcro closures for easy on and off access with a leash slit holder located at the back of the neck area.

Sizing Guide: From Back of Neck to Tail area (Inches)

10-12″: SMALL
14-16″: MEDIUM
18-20″: LARGE

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