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Pet Life “Dream Smart”” Electronic Heating and Cooling Smart Pet Bed”



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An amazing A/C Powered Pet Bed that Both Heats and Cools at the Push of a Button.

Ultra-Silent Powered Fan concealed beneath the Bed that provides Cooling Ventilation through the Comfortable Mesh Surface.

Features Strategically placed Electrical Heating Nodes underneath the Bed that gently Warms the surface.

Features a Sided-zippered Pocket for both storing and concealing the A/C adapter piece.

Available in Multiple Colors: Burguny Red (Medium only), Navy Blue, and Mocha.


Brand: Pet Life

Product Details:

The Pet Life “Dream Smart” Electronic Pet Bed is a Smart, Innovative and Intelligent Electronic Heating and Cooling system built-into the bed that activates at the press of a button. When ‘Cooling Mode’ is activated the button turns BLUE and a silently powered fan located beneath the bed begins to apply cooling ventilation through the mesh cushion. When set to ‘Heating Mode’ the button turns RED and the built-in heating nodes are activated and lightly penetrate through the ventilated mesh fabric and gently warms the cushion. Features Smart Thermal Control Technology a safety features that automatically turns off when Bed reaches a certain Warming Temperature.

The Dream Smart pet bed is AC powered and features a built-in concealed zippered compartment for storage of the AC outlet unit. Exceptional comfort and highly constructed, The Exterior-shell is composed of blended Polyester-Nylon fabric that is inner-rimmed with an indulging faux-fur fabric. Well designed and crafted, looks great in any home or office setting.

Sizing Specifications: (Inches) L x W x H

M: 25.6″ x 21.65″ x 7.1″
L: 29.6″ x 25.6″ x 7.87″

Component Specifications:
ADAPTER SPECS: INPUT: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz | OUTPUT: 12V, 2000mA | LENGTH: 4 feet. FAN SPECS: DC 12V, Power Consumption: 6.6 W, Air Flow: 25.6 CMF, Air Pressure: 24.5mmH2O

Recommended Use: Heating Mode: Do not leave the device on for more than 48 Hours. Cooling Mode: Do not leave the device on for longer than 4 Hours at a time. It is recommended to turn off the device for at least 10 minutes between usage intervals.

Certifications: ISO, UL, CE, RoHS.

Free Shipping: Usually ships between 1 to 2 business days, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.


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