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Pet Life ‘Travel-Nest’ Folding Travel Bed



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The Travel-Nest Pet Bed collapses and folds and can be carried around anywhere through the above-top built-in Nylon handle.

Features Accordion-like Memorized stitching that allows this bed to uniquely collapse.

The sided Nylon Straps Buckle closed and secure the bed into a Travel Case.

Includes a Machine Washable Plush-soft inner Pillow cushion.

The Exterior Shell is composed of Durable Nylon and EVA Materials. Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors.


Brand:Pet Life

Product Details

The Pet Life ‘Travel-Nest’ Folding Travel Cat and Dog Bed is the perfect solution for pet owners looking for an easy-to-assemble pet bed that is collapsible and specially designed for travel. The Travel Nest features memorized accordion-like stitching that enables it to entirely fold or collapse and then double as a thin and lightweight suitcase with a built-in Nylon carrying handle for complete on-the-go travel. Features dual-sided Seat-Belt webbed Nylon straps that secure the bed when collapsed, and sided Nylon handle straps that make it easy to move around that connect and convert into a carrying handle. Includes an ultra-plush Machine Washable inner cushion for complete comfort. This bed is further highly-durable and composed of a thick-grade ballistic Nylon material that won’t scratch or tear easily. Great for both Indoor and Outdoor traveling usages. Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors.

Sizing Measurements (Inches)

L x W x H

SMALL: OPENED: 17.7 X 13.7 X 12.6 COLLAPSED: 14 X 12.5 X 2.5
LARGE: OPENED: 23.6 X 17.7 X 12.6 COLLAPSED: 18 X 12.5 X 2.5

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