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Reflecta-Sport Reflective Weather-Proof Pet Rain Breaker Jacket



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Removable Hood.

Belly Velcro for easy on off access.



Brand: Pet Life

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The Pet Life Reflecta-Sport Rain Breaker Dog Raincoat Jacket is Adjustable in 3 areas by the sleeves, hood and tail-area. This dog coat features an adjustable and removable hood. This dog jacket additionally features a reflective strip along the backside for added safety while dog walking at night. Contains a lightweight fleece inner lining. Great for wearing year-round. Features a leash-slit holder along the backside and Belly Velcro for easy on and off access.

Sizing Guide: Measure From Back of Neck to Tail area (Inches)

10-12″: SMALL
14-16″: MEDIUM
18-20″: LARGE

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